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I am always striving to find ways to connect my students with the visual cultures they encounter... through exploring the work of other artists, gallery visits, discussions, experimenting with media and techniques, studio visits, and just paying attention to the beauty around them - from the mundane to the extraordinary. 

Currently I teach Grade 1 through Grade 12 Art at a small international school in Germany. Across all age and ability levels, teaching art is often challenging but always rewarding and I work to ensure that all my art students are developing the critical thinking as well as technical skills necessary to create meaningful and personally relevant artwork. 

Previously, I was the art teacher at THINK Global School, where I built an art curriculum with a place-based and interdisciplinary focus, and established the IBDP Visual Art course in such a nomadic learning environment.

The video below was produced as an introduction to a unit of work developed for THINK Global School's Boston semester in 2013. "Power and Persuasion" addresses the idea of social commentary through art. This unit is available as an iTunesU course. 


Whilst at TGS, I created an iTunesU Introductory Project for the IBDP Visual Art course which guides students through the process of analysing the work of others, developing and producing their own original artwork.

Selected blog posts written for/at TGS:
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